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two weeks off work are now over. i dont feel quite as panicked and… - Mark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 31st, 2014|11:58 pm]
two weeks off work are now over. i dont feel quite as panicked and generally angry about going back to work this time. two weeks off helped. my brain needed to unwind.

the first and last days i had off i got a lot done. in between i lazied it up huge. super huge. days of just zoned right out watching movies. it wasnt perfect. i do have a lot of work to do in life and a day didnt go by where i didnt feel guilty for not doing it.

in the next three weeks i have to secure a storage locker in a place that had none available when i was there last week. hopefully one turns up. the woman there seemed positive one would. i also have to finish up making a list of materials for my shed out east and get a quote on lumber n stuff. I have roughly half what i need as far as money goes. i have 3 more paychecks and a damage deposit from this apartment to go. plus a paycheck while i am over there. so....ya.....it shouldn't be hard to get the rest of the money. i have roughly half of the minimum i want. id like an extra $1000 though just in case. to make sure i can afford things like ceder shingles instead of a less awesome covering. and a bike. although im considering going on kijiji and just picking up a couple old bikes.

either way...7 weeks til forest. 4 weeks til im homeless. who knows how much time until my forest becomes a kingdom and i can spend months there instead of weeks.