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I hate when people use a worst case scenario and assume thats par for… - Mark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 26th, 2014|01:01 pm]
I hate when people use a worst case scenario and assume thats par for the course. An excellent example from my life is hitchhiking. Apparently I shouldn't hitchhike because I will get murdered, robbed, raped whatever. But apparently people shouldn't pick up hitchhikers for the same reason. I never know if I am supposed to be the raper or the rapee.

Although I got started thinking about this by someone on facebook commenting on a puppy someone found and if she can't keep it she shouldn't put it on kijiji because that will lead to it getting tortured. Apparently if you want to torture a puppy you're supposed to go to kijiji? This person doesn't seem to think the girl that found the puppy could judge a person on how fit they are to own a puppy. Not that the original girl ever mentioned putting an ad on kijiji.

Basically people that assume the worst suck. A lot of it is assuming everyone involved in whatever situation is arising is too stupid to do anything about it. I usually assume everyone is as capable as me. Which I admit is a bold assumption...and is also kind of sad that it isn't true. I actually have no idea what I am doing most of the time. At work things have got fairly repetitive so I appear to be the all knowledgeable god of the kitchen. When really either I remembered what we did the last time we did whatever it is were doing or I just wing it. By winging it I mean I google whatever we have lined up and find all the info needed. Some of my coworkers still haven't caught onto how to use a list. Everyday we have a list of everything on the menu and random other things. Basically a run down of the entire day. Instead of looking at that list for things to do...they come to me. So I take them to the list, read it, and pick something for them. This usually results in me picking the things I want to do the least and pass them off on other people.

So maybe telling everyone hitchhikers will rape you, or picking up hitchhikers will lead to you getting murdered, or kijiji is a hotbed of animal torturers is a good idea. Scare all the idiots enough that they will just keep to themselves in the corner. Hell my Mom even still says things like "Watch for cars" when I am home visiting and am heading out the door. Like at 34 I don't know how to cross a street. I hate to think of how much fun people have missed out on just because they were scared of things they had no business of being scared of. It took forever to get someone to go skydiving with me. I'm not saying jumping out of a plane shouldn't be scary. But I wouldn't say I am scared of heights....I am uncomfortable around them though. But I just got in that plane and when we got up high enough jumped out. When I went bungee jumping it was the same thing. The dudes started counting down in spanish (I was in Costa Rica) and when they got to the end I jumped. I wasn't scared at all jumping out of the plane. At one point I thought I should be after seeing the faces of the people that worked there as we got higher in the air. They looked terrified. But after 30 seconds I just decided I wasn't scared and they were all weird.

I dunno where this is going? It actually started as a tweet but I ended up on Livejournal rambling haha Basically it drives me nuts when people let fear stop them from doing awesome things. Especially since most fear is pretty irrational.

[User Picture]From: flyonwall
2014-03-27 01:32 pm (UTC)
very well said.

fear is the worst paralyser in life. just like you said, since most of it ends up being irrational.

i think what happened was things that started out as warnings to keep people aware of *possible* dangers keep getting exaggerated and exaggerated until they're all hyperboles and everyone's out to kill, rape and eat everyone else and not always in that order.

it still gets to me from time to time then when i finally just say "fuck it, let's go" i feel dumb for having stopped in the first place.
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[User Picture]From: marknumbertwo
2014-03-28 09:05 pm (UTC)
yeah....although whenever fear gets to me it is most definitely irrational lol its more anxiety. but i have more trouble ordering a pizza than jumping out of a plane lol i will stand by the side of the road with my thumb out and get into a strangers car ready to make conversation with a stranger for as long as they will drive me (the longest was like 3 days haha) but calling and saying "2 largepizzas. one with pepperoni and bacon and one with tomatoes n mushrooms" then giving them my address is much harder lol
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