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i havent written in here since my shoulder randomly decided it hated… - Mark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 11th, 2014|06:47 pm]
i havent written in here since my shoulder randomly decided it hated me. it started may 1st and by the 3rd was unbearable. just a pain out of nowhere in my shoulder that has since spread down my arm and into my new. ive seen a butt load of doctors but aside from a general agreement that somethings wrong no one really 100% agrees. ive been given percocets, tramadol and tylenol 4s along with some anti inflamitories. nothing seems to help a whole lot. the worst thing is trying to sleep. aside from one night where i just got loaded on percocets i havent had more than two hours of sleep a night since may 1st. even the percocet night i only got 3 hours.

after two days of that crap i left work. i hadn't been able to work anyways. i tried, but was so distracted by the pain i ended up slicing off the tip of my finger while cutting onions. i turned down modified duties because i couldnt even sleep and thats then wcb (workers compensation board...or something like that) got involved.

when i got back to town i went straight to the emergency room who decided i wasnt dying, gave me some percocet and shoved me out the door. the next day i tried a massage which got me nowhere and then work and wcb got more involved and sent me to a doctor who decided again it was a rotator cuff issue. so i got more pills and sent to physio. soooo the next day while still in immense pain i was off to physio. the physio guy had a new idea which was an old idea awhich was actually my idea. he says i have a muscle in my shoulder seized up and knotted up so bad its fucking with nerves in my shoulder which is causing the pain. after half an hour there i left feeling a tiny bit better. a little more motion and slightly less pain. although still too much pain to get any sleep.

i have more physio appointments but today broke down and headed to a walk in clinic to get some better pain pills. sadly i was in a crap part of town and couldnt get any good pain pills. the best they could do was tylenol 4. which if youre not in pain is actually quite the pill. but i am and it doesnt quite cut it. but it does make me drowsy and so far it let me take a short nap. hopefully tonight i get a few good hours of sleep.

tomorrow is back to physio and same with wednesday. im going to ask if i can toss a tuesday appointment in too since wednesday night im flying to nova scotia where physio will have to be placed on hold.

nova scotia! cape breton! my forest! despite having an arm that can barely hold my phone i am still going. if i didnt have a friend joining me i probably would have cancelled. but together we can manage. plus hopefully with more physio and following his orders of stretches n stuff i will recover a bit. i plan on not using my arm at all so that should help. will probably toss it in a sling while i work to avoid accidentally lifting something heavy with it. or trying. dont want to undo any healing! so hopefully it all works out and my shoulder recovers and everything is super duper.