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So my boss is applying for his bosses job because his boss is in… - Mark [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 23rd, 2014|01:12 am]
So my boss is applying for his bosses job because his boss is in rehab after driving a company truck off the road and then testing positive for something. We assume weed and coke because...sometimes you just know.

I get along with my boss very well because he lets me do what I want for the most part. Occasionally he is the voice of reason to my insanity haha I am all for this except that leaves an empty spot in our kitchen. I admit I am a strange one, so it is nice when I find a boss that lets me be me. So it will be nice having a big boss that understands me, but a bit of a random lottery when it comes to new coworkers. Also that head guy job has a 6 month to 2 year limit before shit goes wrong. Even at my last company that position was a killer. Its surprising how much we talk about him getting fired. Promotion is a less likely target. Either way it would leave a hole in our kitchen.

Oh yeah I am rewatching Lost on my time off. I missed the last few episodes of the series and left it so long that now I have to rewatch it all. I have two weeks off work but I doubt I will finish the series. But I am going to try!!