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Look what I found! [Feb. 13th, 2016|08:40 pm]
I have no idea when I wrote anything in here last. It's been months since I even came to read what other people were writing. I checked, it's been well over a year since I wrote anything in here. In that time a lot has happened. Moved back and forth across the country and ended up in Inuvik.

Growing up you heard about things and they were filed away in the "never in a million years" category and you never expected to encounter these things in real life. The Arctic Circle was one of those things for me. Living north of the Arctic Circle is something I never would have expected. Even more recently since my adventures began I wouldn't have seen this coming. I first came up here three and a half years ago during a 15000-20000 km road trip/hitchhiking adventure and Whitehorse, Dawson City, The Arctic Circle and Inuvik were also all in the "never in a million years" category. Once I visit somewhere like that I assume I will never go back. Look at a map and find Inuvik, NWT. Ending up there once is one thing, but going back a second time? How does that happen?

Well I can't really explain how it happened. I can, but it doesn't make sense. It all started by wanting to go hang out in a city where I knew someone for once, instead of somewhere I had to start over. I picked Maia as the person to hang out with. But you can look over every inch of Inuvik and you wont find Maia. She lives in Yellowknife now! She was here, but left. I was here and decided to stay. So far it seems to be a good decision. The living situation is taken care of and I have a job that is working out pretty well. I have a nice collection of friends and people in general are pretty nice.

No idea what the future will bring, but for now I live in Inuvik and as usual the way I ended up where I am never makes total sense to anyone, including myself.
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2014|01:19 am]

I'm really bad at not being friends with girls.  Actual relationships just don't come naturally.  I've got no problems having female friends and having sex with them. But I don't know how relationships work.

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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2014|11:15 am]
Money! I have no decided to be poor for a year. Not poor poor. But buying that new property totally puts a damper on things for the next year. I have two trips planned, one in sept and one in oct. Both will have to be done on a budget but will both still hopefully happen. Out of the two I think LA for my birthday/communicon would be first on the chopping block.

The other trip is to go visit my new property again and other east coastyness. Yup. I pick Cape Breton over LA. Its just that awesome!
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(no subject) [Jun. 14th, 2014|02:19 am]
So....I basically live at work. I avoid getting involved with girls at work because its been a rule I've had for my whole working life. I am not in the real world enough to make a relationship work. I've proven this many times. Tried and failed plenty of times. A year and a half ago a girl started at work that is every kind of awesome imaginable. I didn't think she would work here long. Most people don't. Plus its work. I have my rule. But here it is a year and a half later and she's still here and I've come to realise maybe I should rethink my work rule since I basically live here. The real world isn't an option anymore and I feel that since it's not maybe work should be allowed. Of course then there's the fact she's probably not interested and she's not going to be sticking around this job as long as I will. Also she makes me really happy. I'd hate to think that something could happen that would change that. I think it all boils down to I'm an idiot and scared. Chances are I will tell her how I feel the day she quits. I'm awesome like that.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2014|05:18 am]
I bought a lil cabin down the road from my forest. I met a dude fishing and after a much longer story ended up at his place and his wife mentioned it. I decided it was worth a look and instantly loved it. That was Saturday. Monday I put in an offer and Tuesday it was accepted. Its just a tiny cabin with a loft. I know 2 of my 3 neighbours and they all great people. Its got a stream running along one side of the property and enough room cleared to build a much larger house if I ever choose to. There's even apple trees.

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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2014|06:47 pm]
i havent written in here since my shoulder randomly decided it hated me. it started may 1st and by the 3rd was unbearable. just a pain out of nowhere in my shoulder that has since spread down my arm and into my new. ive seen a butt load of doctors but aside from a general agreement that somethings wrong no one really 100% agrees. ive been given percocets, tramadol and tylenol 4s along with some anti inflamitories. nothing seems to help a whole lot. the worst thing is trying to sleep. aside from one night where i just got loaded on percocets i havent had more than two hours of sleep a night since may 1st. even the percocet night i only got 3 hours.

after two days of that crap i left work. i hadn't been able to work anyways. i tried, but was so distracted by the pain i ended up slicing off the tip of my finger while cutting onions. i turned down modified duties because i couldnt even sleep and thats then wcb (workers compensation board...or something like that) got involved.

when i got back to town i went straight to the emergency room who decided i wasnt dying, gave me some percocet and shoved me out the door. the next day i tried a massage which got me nowhere and then work and wcb got more involved and sent me to a doctor who decided again it was a rotator cuff issue. so i got more pills and sent to physio. soooo the next day while still in immense pain i was off to physio. the physio guy had a new idea which was an old idea awhich was actually my idea. he says i have a muscle in my shoulder seized up and knotted up so bad its fucking with nerves in my shoulder which is causing the pain. after half an hour there i left feeling a tiny bit better. a little more motion and slightly less pain. although still too much pain to get any sleep.

i have more physio appointments but today broke down and headed to a walk in clinic to get some better pain pills. sadly i was in a crap part of town and couldnt get any good pain pills. the best they could do was tylenol 4. which if youre not in pain is actually quite the pill. but i am and it doesnt quite cut it. but it does make me drowsy and so far it let me take a short nap. hopefully tonight i get a few good hours of sleep.

tomorrow is back to physio and same with wednesday. im going to ask if i can toss a tuesday appointment in too since wednesday night im flying to nova scotia where physio will have to be placed on hold.

nova scotia! cape breton! my forest! despite having an arm that can barely hold my phone i am still going. if i didnt have a friend joining me i probably would have cancelled. but together we can manage. plus hopefully with more physio and following his orders of stretches n stuff i will recover a bit. i plan on not using my arm at all so that should help. will probably toss it in a sling while i work to avoid accidentally lifting something heavy with it. or trying. dont want to undo any healing! so hopefully it all works out and my shoulder recovers and everything is super duper.
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2014|12:03 am]
2 weeks of work and then its off to nova scotia to my forest! MY FOREST!!! my very own forest! 42 acres of trees and rivery streamy goodness. big trees and hills n stuff. well one hill. im basically on the side of a hill...the side of a valley. its really all im thinking about these days. that and picking up all the supplies. so many supplies. probably be spending over $4000 in the first 24 hours in cape breton.
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2014|11:58 pm]
two weeks off work are now over. i dont feel quite as panicked and generally angry about going back to work this time. two weeks off helped. my brain needed to unwind.

the first and last days i had off i got a lot done. in between i lazied it up huge. super huge. days of just zoned right out watching movies. it wasnt perfect. i do have a lot of work to do in life and a day didnt go by where i didnt feel guilty for not doing it.

in the next three weeks i have to secure a storage locker in a place that had none available when i was there last week. hopefully one turns up. the woman there seemed positive one would. i also have to finish up making a list of materials for my shed out east and get a quote on lumber n stuff. I have roughly half what i need as far as money goes. i have 3 more paychecks and a damage deposit from this apartment to go. plus a paycheck while i am over there. so....ya.....it shouldn't be hard to get the rest of the money. i have roughly half of the minimum i want. id like an extra $1000 though just in case. to make sure i can afford things like ceder shingles instead of a less awesome covering. and a bike. although im considering going on kijiji and just picking up a couple old bikes.

either way...7 weeks til forest. 4 weeks til im homeless. who knows how much time until my forest becomes a kingdom and i can spend months there instead of weeks.
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(no subject) [Mar. 26th, 2014|01:01 pm]
I hate when people use a worst case scenario and assume thats par for the course. An excellent example from my life is hitchhiking. Apparently I shouldn't hitchhike because I will get murdered, robbed, raped whatever. But apparently people shouldn't pick up hitchhikers for the same reason. I never know if I am supposed to be the raper or the rapee.

Although I got started thinking about this by someone on facebook commenting on a puppy someone found and if she can't keep it she shouldn't put it on kijiji because that will lead to it getting tortured. Apparently if you want to torture a puppy you're supposed to go to kijiji? This person doesn't seem to think the girl that found the puppy could judge a person on how fit they are to own a puppy. Not that the original girl ever mentioned putting an ad on kijiji.

Basically people that assume the worst suck. A lot of it is assuming everyone involved in whatever situation is arising is too stupid to do anything about it. I usually assume everyone is as capable as me. Which I admit is a bold assumption...and is also kind of sad that it isn't true. I actually have no idea what I am doing most of the time. At work things have got fairly repetitive so I appear to be the all knowledgeable god of the kitchen. When really either I remembered what we did the last time we did whatever it is were doing or I just wing it. By winging it I mean I google whatever we have lined up and find all the info needed. Some of my coworkers still haven't caught onto how to use a list. Everyday we have a list of everything on the menu and random other things. Basically a run down of the entire day. Instead of looking at that list for things to do...they come to me. So I take them to the list, read it, and pick something for them. This usually results in me picking the things I want to do the least and pass them off on other people.

So maybe telling everyone hitchhikers will rape you, or picking up hitchhikers will lead to you getting murdered, or kijiji is a hotbed of animal torturers is a good idea. Scare all the idiots enough that they will just keep to themselves in the corner. Hell my Mom even still says things like "Watch for cars" when I am home visiting and am heading out the door. Like at 34 I don't know how to cross a street. I hate to think of how much fun people have missed out on just because they were scared of things they had no business of being scared of. It took forever to get someone to go skydiving with me. I'm not saying jumping out of a plane shouldn't be scary. But I wouldn't say I am scared of heights....I am uncomfortable around them though. But I just got in that plane and when we got up high enough jumped out. When I went bungee jumping it was the same thing. The dudes started counting down in spanish (I was in Costa Rica) and when they got to the end I jumped. I wasn't scared at all jumping out of the plane. At one point I thought I should be after seeing the faces of the people that worked there as we got higher in the air. They looked terrified. But after 30 seconds I just decided I wasn't scared and they were all weird.

I dunno where this is going? It actually started as a tweet but I ended up on Livejournal rambling haha Basically it drives me nuts when people let fear stop them from doing awesome things. Especially since most fear is pretty irrational.
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(no subject) [Mar. 23rd, 2014|01:12 am]
So my boss is applying for his bosses job because his boss is in rehab after driving a company truck off the road and then testing positive for something. We assume weed and coke because...sometimes you just know.

I get along with my boss very well because he lets me do what I want for the most part. Occasionally he is the voice of reason to my insanity haha I am all for this except that leaves an empty spot in our kitchen. I admit I am a strange one, so it is nice when I find a boss that lets me be me. So it will be nice having a big boss that understands me, but a bit of a random lottery when it comes to new coworkers. Also that head guy job has a 6 month to 2 year limit before shit goes wrong. Even at my last company that position was a killer. Its surprising how much we talk about him getting fired. Promotion is a less likely target. Either way it would leave a hole in our kitchen.

Oh yeah I am rewatching Lost on my time off. I missed the last few episodes of the series and left it so long that now I have to rewatch it all. I have two weeks off work but I doubt I will finish the series. But I am going to try!!
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